High-Risk Accounts

First BankCard Processing offers credit card processing solutions to high-risk companies in addition to more traditional businesses. We provide access to processors who work successfully with businesses in high-risk industries or with hard-to-place merchants. If you fall into this category, rest assured that our professionals work closely with you to understand your risks and determine the payment solutions and processors that best meet your unique needs.

Our high-risk merchant accounts provide:

  • Secure, high-risk gateway
  • High approval rates
  • Access to experienced high-risk providers

High-Risk Businesses and Industries

Your business is considered high risk if it has a questionable credit history; it’s based overseas; your sales are mainly from mail, website and telephone orders; you have a history of chargebacks, canceled transactions and/or refunds; or you are in a high-risk industry. High-risk industries are those that deal in adult content, debt consolidation, e-cigarettes, escort services/gentlemen’s clubs, firearms, herbal supplements, nutraceuticals, offshore merchant accounts, online dating, telemarketing, airlines and many more.

Meeting Your Processing Needs

First BankCard Processing is reputable credit card processing company with experience in helping high-risk merchants. Compare high-risk credit card processors and you’ll find that, unlike some high-risk providers, we offer fair pricing and great customer support — regardless of your business or industry.