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Why Should I Accept Credit Cards?

The primary reasons behind accepting credit cards as a form of payment are convenience and flexibility. Nearly all your customers carry or have access to at least one credit card. Credit cards are easy to use, safe and provide an excellent trail for tracking and reporting payment transactions. For consumers, they offer a flexible way to manage cash flow, and they allow for impulse purchases that can be paid off over time. Retailers and other businesses understand that this translates into an increase in sales.

What Credit Cards Should I Accept?

With a First BankCard Processing merchant account, you will be able to accept Discover Network, MasterCard and Visa cards, as well as a wide variety of other credit cards and debit cards. By providing your clientele with this variety of payment options, you allow them to choose their preferred payment form. With each card’s unique benefits, customers can gain points or miles on their card, simultaneously increasing their incentive to purchase from your business. When you accept multiple forms of payment, you increase customer loyalty by providing a hassle-free, mutually beneficial purchasing experience.

Will My Existing Shopping Cart Be Compatible with Your Payment Gateway?

Our Payment Gateway is compatible with nearly all the major shopping carts. We are constantly working to increase our list of compatible shopping carts. To make sure your shopping cart is compatible with our gateway, please contact us by phone at 708-567-1867 or fill out our form.

How Do I Transfer My Account?

First BankCard Processing makes it easy for merchants who already have an existing account with another service provider to switch to our services. Our merchant account specialists will work with you to help you transfer your account information to our services. For some merchants, the process involves just changing a few lines of code or contacting your existing provider. Most new merchant accounts are able to start accepting credit cards within 24 – 48 hours, and many of our transferring merchants can continue to accept credit cards throughout the service transfer process!

How Can I Handle Early Termination Fees?

For most merchants, First BankCard Processing’s lower fee structure will offset any early termination fees. For some merchants, we can subsidize the fees incurred in terminating your old account.