Gift Cards

Increase your customer loyalty, generate brand awareness and take advantage of the unique profit margins provided by gift and loyalty cards. With First BankCard Processing, you can avoid the hassle of managing paper gift certificates by implementing our electronic gift card program.

Increase customer loyalty with gift card processing:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Offer promotional opportunities
  • Eliminate “cash-back”

Accept Gift and Loyalty Cards

Once a holiday staple, gift cards are now popular year round. Merchants benefit from accepting gift cards for the following reasons:

  • Gift card sales may represent a sizable portion of a merchant’s total sales
  • Purchasers using gift cards tend to spend more on a single purchase than they would have without the card
  • A majority of shoppers spends more than the value amount on the card
  • Many gift card recipients do not use the full value on the card; the unused portion represents pure profit to the merchant
  • Offering a gift card for returned items is more profitable than “cash-back”; the value of the returned item must be spent on your products or services rather than on those of your competitors

Loyalty or club cards are given to customers to encourage repeat purchasing by offering rewards. The benefits include:

  • Increased sales and revenue from both new and existing customers
  • Card holders shop more often to earn more rewards
  • Your brand is kept top of mind among members

Build Your Brand with a Gift and Loyalty Card Program

Simplify transaction and management reporting, automate electronic fund transfers between stores, and minimize "cash-back" refunds to boost your profitability. When you work with First BankCard Processing, a gift card processing company, accepting gift and loyalty cards is easy, fast and secure. You can manage account balances, reload gift cards and monitor transactions — all through your existing terminal.