ACH & Check Conversion

Get paid faster and eliminate your paper check processing by signing up for BlueChex. With our virtual terminal, your business can accept online checks and receive verification of account status without needing a shopping cart.

Our BlueChex ACH payment solution offers:

  • Secure check processing
  • Fast acceptance of ACH and check payments
  • Increased cash flow

ACH and Check Processing Made Easy

First BankCard Processing, an ACH processing company, offers an ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment processing solution that allows you accept electronic check payments. This reduces the costs associated with paper check processing, and by expanding payment opportunities for your customers, helps you grow your customer base and increase sales.

Electronically transmitted ACH payments provide faster authorization and simpler transactions compared to paper check processing. ACH processing eliminates trips to the bank, saving you time and money, while improving customer service and increasing profits. And, like all our other services, our ACH solution is PCI compliant to help prevent fraud.

How ACH Works

Like the traditional paper check process, clients provide their checking account and bank routing numbers. Once the payment is verified, it is transmitted electronically through our system, and then transferred immediately to your account.

Accepting online checks through our virtual terminal allows you to accept payments from any device with an Internet connection. Our system integrates check readers to electronically deposit checks to your account. We work with your bank to make sure your electronic checks are deposited correctly and securely. You can access your ACH transactions online to improve the management of your business and payments.